Physical security

Nationwide GUARDIANSservice, vetted and cleared of police and fiscal records, who have passed the corresponding psychological tests and have been trained in Human Relations, Proper Use of Force, First Aid, Fire Fighting, Legal Principles, Emergency Protocol, and Use of the Firearm, as well as specialized training adjusted to the risks faced by our clients.

We position undercover security personnel, personnel under operational cover and / or in the external part of the organization, with the aim of determining the possible causes of loss of merchandise or leak of information.

Rigorously selected and with first level training. Ideal for special events, reception areas, merchandise dispatch, executive offices and control rooms for the management of equipment and security systems. They could be armed, carry radios for communication, or non-lethal weaponry.

Our female security personnel undergo the same training and strict screening que los vigilantes masculinos. Sus funciones son la efectiva prevención de pérdidas en empresas donde existe una población femenina que debe ser supervisada.

Their functions can be:

  • Screening at access control points
  • Prevención de pérdida
  • Special events
  • Screening at access control points
  • Special events

For those occasions that do not merit the investment of dedicated guardians, we offer random patrolling, visiting and inspecting each protected location to ensure its integrity. We deliver reports to the client of each visit made and give notice of any abnormal situation.

We accompany the client during the 
declaration and security inspection process taking into account….

We carry out loss investigations, taking into account the physical area, operational areas, systems, and security procedures currently used by our clients. The conclusions regarding the investigated cases and any evidence are delivered. If applicable, the arrest of suspicious individuals involved in the case is carried out, after coordination with the administrative, legal or labor areas of the company as well as the pertinent authorities.

We analyze your risks and plansof mitigation, physical security and electronic security system taking into account our extensive experience in technology, knowledge of Dominican laws and regulations and international standards.

We count on our school of
Advanced Security Training and the Shooting Range, both duly certified. We are focused onfirefighting, first aid, physical safety, and proper firearm training. We design and direct emergency evacuation practices for buildings and manufacturing plants.


Securities Administration

Our services encompasses: delivery and collection of securities throughout the country at times that are adjusted to the needs of our clients, guaranteeing the availability of cash at all times. We work in a personalized way with a highly trained team to provide advice on the logistics of your business.

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Technology Security Solutions

Fire protection

We install systems following the regulation for security and fire protection of the Dom. Decree No. 85-11. We include the following devices:

  • Smoke detectors: To detect all types of fires and protect lives, buildings and properties.
  • Linear Smoke Detectors: For detection in high places of salons, museums, shopping centers, etc.
  • Flame Detectors: For indoor and outdoor flame detection.
  • Air Testers: For smoke and fire detection in closed environments.
  • Linear Heat Detectors: For heat detection and monitoring in places subject to interference, such as tunnels, railways, subways, etc.